About Mr. H

Kyle HargroveLicensed Professional Counselor – Military Family Life Counselor


Once after hitting a horrible drive on third hole at Diamond Oaks Country Club, my friend Mark said, “That baby’s ugly … but that baby’s YOURS!”

It’s kind of the same when you get to know me. My life isn’t always the brightest shining star in the sky. Sometimes I am as messy or messed up as anyone. I tried fitting in with perfect people, but brought them all down a few notches. I’ll not pretend. This (me) is a person with a good heart, a reasonable head on his shoulders, and a lifetime’s worth of lessons based on poor choices, errors in judgment, and at times, pure selfishness

Sometimes all that makes me feel like I’m “less-than,” but during moments of lucidity, I know for a fact that all those things make me like most everyone else. Therefore I am nobody special, nor am I a dreg. Count me present in the “average” pool. At the end of the day, I’m a pretty decent and fun-loving guy. Just ask me!

I am a therapist, an educator, and don’t think the word “random” belongs anywhere but in a research project. Random acts of kindness should be the norm, random “divine appointments” are just daily contact with people, and none of them are by accident. Not one.

As a public school teacher, my kids often had trouble pronouncing or remembering my name, so the option of “Mr. H” was given. It stuck, became how I was known and what I answered to. I kind of liked it, so have decided to keep it for these purposes.

I believe dogs tend to be more loyal than most people, we were created to complement nature, and most of us (as Americans) are spoiled to the point of not even caring anymore. As I age material things mean less and less to me while relationships, cool experiences, and travel mean the world.

My salvation and reason for living come only through the grace of God, and where I’m not here to impose that on anyone, I really hope you see it in what I write.

Current events, trends, problems, celebrations, and at times unanswered questions are the normal fare on “I’m Just Sayin’.” Sometimes light, sometimes serious, and almost always sarcastic, and as of now the only thing missing is “you,” when you don’t leave a comment! Your feedback means everything! After all, where else will I obtain my self-esteem?

Mr. H

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