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I’m Just Sayin’ is an attempt to build a library of ideas, experiences, and stories. The stories and anecdotes of your experiencesIt doesn’t matter a bit who you are, where you’ve been, or what you may have done. Stories of struggle that have led to personal and relational victory, or even stories “still in progress” are invaluable to this effort. Knowing there are millions of others out there that share the same experiences we do helps us to stay focused, motivated, and rally together.

Don’t worry for a second about how well you write, or how well you don’t! It’s the content that we’re looking for, and without your permission, none of it will be seen by anyone else. Know that every submission, regardless of what the topic is, will be read, responded to, and may even provide new ideas for future posts. The whole purpose for this site is to share, encourage, and even hear from different points of view.

really look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. H

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